Implemented Technology and Services:

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 Fully developed market research and customer relationship tools connected to your sales and marketing strategy. Aligned sales and marketing system with real time feedback and reporting.


  • Customer Persona Development
  • Customer Persona Validation
  • Product Market Fit
  • Product Validation
  • Interviews and Research
  • MVP Feature Testing



  • CRM Development
  • Automation Setup
  • Marketing Workflow
  • Sales Pipeline Strategy
  • Sales Triggers
  • SMarketing Reporting


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Sales pipeline aligned with qualified marketing leads for faster conversion. Sales structure and tools customized for your company to simplify engagement.


  • Strategy & Lean Execution:
    • Channel Identification
    • List Building
    • Business Development Outreach



  • Strategy & Lean Execution:
    • Theory Development
    • Customer Path Development
    • Engagement Optimization
    • Split Testing & Heat Mapping
    • Lean Improvements


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Complete inbound marketing strategy and demand generation to grow your business. Attract interested leads and nurture them with the right materials for your approach.


  • Strategy & Lean Execution:
    • Engagement
    • Nurture & Follow-up
    • Social Marketing
    • Online Marketing
    • Paid Advertising



  • Strategy & Lean Execution:
    • Press Releases
    • Articles in Trade Publications
    • White Papers
    • Case Studies
    • User Guides/Manuals
    • Product Sheets
    • Marketing Copy


Asked Questions

Why integrated Sales and Marketing?

Often times, sales and marketing departments in traditional firms have delays and issues in communicating. With having your sales and marketing department integrated together, it offers a team that has frequent and direct communication in order to deliver fast and consistent results.

What are the benefits of SMarketing?

As proven by HubSpot, companies with set sales and marketing alignment achieve 20% annual revenue growth or larger. With your company having an integrated sales and marketing approach, you will have the training, processes, and tools to earn that additional revenue and make a difference.

How does integrated Sales and Marketing affect my bottom line?
  • Companies are 3 times as likely to see a higher return with inbound sales and marketing campaigns than outbound campaigns.
  • Inbound will typically deliver 54% more leads into a funnel than traditional outbound efforts.
  • Outbound leads cost an additional 49% more than inbound leads.
What does marketing automation entail?

Marketing automation brings in many moving parts and continuous workflows, the main features include consistent and accurate customer relationship management, email marketing, generating and nurturing leads, and reporting results with up-to-date dashboards.

Why should I use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?

A CRM system organizes all sales and marketing efforts into one database to save time, money, and resources. It reports on preset metrics, so you can track progress and meaningful information to improve your sales and marketing.

How do I know what my business needs?

That’s where we come in. We offer a variety of packages depending on your needs and end goal. We will have productive business strategy sessions with you and your company. To learn more, contact us below to see if we are a fit!