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Growing Angel Investment firm focused on maximizing group investment process. Structured inbound marketing strategy and relationship management.


Loon Creek Capital was founded in 2010 with the objective of growing the local angel investor community. Since then, Loon Creek Capital has helped both new and seasoned investors deploy their capital efficiently and painlessly. As active angel investors themselves, they understand the excitement and headaches of investing in early stage companies. They are passionate about providing services that eliminate the complexity so their clients can save time and money.


Loon Creek Capital developed a unique product offering after identifying a need in a niche market. Demand increased exponentially and the opportunity is scaling quickly. Loon Creek Capital brought in SMHeuristics to structure their CRM and marketing automation tools. This effort captured prospects and filtered them through a conversion funnel for success. The SMHeuristics team also worked with the Loon Creek Capital team to create and organize an inbound marketing strategy through the use of innovative tools like HubSpot.